What is Roux Dog?

It all started while scouting for deer on a piece of property. In the process, I ended up jumping a pair of wood ducks in an old abandoned cow pond. Amazed by these beautiful creatures, I became interested in expanding my knowledge of them. I extended my awareness by researching further to educate myself. Information and facts about the importance of a nesting box became a major focus of mine. Ultimately, I decided to purchase a wood duck box to install in that old cow pond. Each search left me empty handed. I kept coming up short trying to find my own wood duck box. The decision to build my own wood duck box was clear. After getting the proper measurements and materials to build, I starting assembling boxes in my shed. Luckily, this allowed me to spend some additional quality time with my chocolate Labrador, Roux Dog. Thinking to myself, I asked, “How nice would it be to hang out with man’s best friend assembling wood duck nesting boxes?” Another clear answer. A few ideas later, such as individually numbering each quality box with a dog tag and incorporating our awesome state with my retriever’s name for a logo…

Now, here we are, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.